A Chance to Better Understand Prague

Yesterday provided a unique opportunity to understand the city of Prague and the Czech Republic a little better, and we took great advantage of it. After breakfast at the hostel, we headed into the city, meeting up with Ben, another student on the trip, who had arrived a day earlier as well. The crew today would be Ben, Robby, Katie, Scott, and myself!

We first went off and found coffee for Katie and then T-Mobile for myself, Katie, and Robby. After setting up our international phones, we continued to explore. Because we had already seen much of the Old Town the day before, we ventured into New Town, specifically at Wenceslas Square. Here was where most of the Velvet Revolution and social uprisings under communist rule were held during the past 50 years.

Our trip to Wenceslas Square inspired us all to take a trip to the Museum of Communism. This museum detailed the history of Czechoslovakia and communism, and the peaceful uprising that ended its reign at the turn of the 90′s. After spending an hour plus at the museum, we gained a new appreciation for the Czech culture and the history of the recent people of the land.

We then went to a garden, got a popular gelato/froyo/ice cream cone of strawberry banana flavor… I’m not sure what it really was. We then headed back to take naps and look at pictures. We had been out for 7 hours exploring, something taking a toll on the body. For dinner, we met up again with Ben and went to a local brewery. Goulash was my meal of choice, although it was reminiscent of the dinner I had the night before. Then the group wandered to the Old Town Square and then around the city for a few hours before returning to the hostel to sleep. We even stopped in to a local bar and dance club before heading back to the hostel. Our two nights at Little Quarter Hostel were great, but I am excited to see our dorm room today at Jarov Dormitory for the Prague School of Economics!



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2 responses to “A Chance to Better Understand Prague

  1. Wow you have been busy! Slow down a bit, so you can enjoy each day! You don’t have to do everything in one weekend! Love to see photos of castles and architecture when you return. Thanks for the detailed descriptions!
    Janice (Bennett’s mom)

  2. Bennett, you are becoming the Goulash king! Sounds yummy! Nice that you’re getting a sense of culture & history around the city. Looking forward to hearing about your dorms! Have a fun weekend!
    Suzi (Bennett’s aunt)

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